One of the greatest minds we had, former Indonesian President, Abdurrahman Wahid, known as Gus Dur, passed away around 6. 45 pm this evening. One of the most controversial figures. A very funny guy at times.

I have to agree with Dewa musician, Ahmad Dhani, that he indeed doesn't belong to our time. He belongs to future minds if any. His thoughts surpassed his own time. If you do not allow your mind to open a bit, do not expect to agree a thing with the old man, especially anything in his spiritual viewpoints.

Farewell, Gus. You don't have to bother about the last Mayan calendar at 2012. Not because you are timeless now, but because you were always timeless before you escaped from your body. Because you always said gitu aja kok repot (why bother?).

Technical info on pictures:
My ex-employer, Koran Tempo (a national daily in Indonesia), ordered me to sketch his pictures at around 8 pm, two hours after his death, and I finished the first three at 11 pm. The last one was an old archive. Roughly I did each within 30-45 minutes excluding searching the photos, scanning the sketches and finally send them via email in a very slow connection which took around 8-15 minutes each. Not the best touch I gave in tight deadlines. It has been a couple of months since I last drew anything, so it could be a reason, not being in touch with pencils for some time :) Pictures are the courtesy of Koran Tempo.

gus dur 1
gus dur 2
gus dur 3
gus dur 4