I have created a real playground for all my drupal themes development now, well almost real. Other themes will go there anytime.

New features that will be added to the current dev releases in their drupal project pages will be first tested there. Feel free to give them a whirl and modify them to suit your need. They are all released under GNU GPL.

And if you find any bug, I'll be very grateful if you can report them in their own project pages accordingly, so that others can benefit as well from all improvement.

I'll update the links to demonstration pages soon after I consolidated the themes for the proper release.

To those who come by from beyond drupal ocean, and perhaps interested in my drupal themes, you may visit the following project pages to download and give them a test yourself:

Oh, and please ignore my avatar here and there. It's simply placed to see how the real theme may look like when all possible necessary features are available. I hate seeing too many avatars of mine here myself, but what can I do:)


drupal forum theme